Sunday, July 22, 2012


"The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name."

--Sylvia Browne

“Weeds are fucking annoying, and you can go to Hell bitch.”

--Matt Mahoney

“Grow Strong Grass & Control Weeds, Bugs”

--Scotts® Lawn Care With Scotts®

Y’know..?  Sometimes being right, not only gets boring…It gets old.

Jayman, I, and the staff here at the IWS Worldwide Headquarters have so often put the collective dick of Time-Warner, Ozarks CW, Google Plus, You Tube, into the confines of internet blow me soil, and now….

The Springfield Regional Medical Center, is the latest corporate entity to taste our county fair form of justice juice, and “next to the swine barn” type, go fuck yourself funnel cakes.

Damn right.

Last Thursday while sitting on the porch of the palatial digs, I was looking at this:

The anger, fueled by local corporate callousness, churlishness, and too much NOS and Rose I stood there while being accosted by a five foot tall Bulgarian chick brandishing a Glock as I took pictures of the aforepictured weeds..


I persevered, sent my pics, and notified the owners and newspaper that IWS was going to make the owners of the abandoned hospital look baaaaaaaaaad for not cutting their weeds and being a less than responsible corporate citizen.

What happened?

Two days later….there was a crew dispatched to cut down the weeds, and they had some success:

Jayman and I might not be giant killers, but…

When we put our minds to something in which we believe, it is taken care of.

Like yesterday…We did a show on IWS Radio about the weather, and sure enough, we managed to finish it.

Anyhoo…When things are needed to be taken care of, call IWS, because, well… Jay and I are like Starsky and Hutch, and we always get our man….or something. Cheers!!

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