Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crying Rangers Kid Learns a Good Lesson

Hola over privileged entitled crybabies! By now most of you guys have probably seen the video of the couple at the Texas Rangers game who grabbed the ball tossed into the crowd by a Rangers player right in front of a little kid. Whether the ball was intended for the kid isn’t known, but he very clearly believed it was. What followed was a world-class fit by the boy and the couple literally mocking the kid by taking pictures of themselves with the ball and laughing.

If you haven’t you can see the video HERE.

Now, the couple is taking a lot of flak over this today. People say they are mean and rude and all that. Others claiming that it’s an OUTRAGE! It seems like everyone is trashing them for not giving the ball to that kid. Well, everyone except me.

Why should they give him the ball? Does he have some God-Given right to it? Do we know for sure the Rangers player was throwing to that kid? I don’t really think he was. He seemed to me to just be chucking the ball into the stands. And you know what? Sucks for him that he’s just a little guy with a short reach and his dad wouldn’t knock anyone out of the way to get the ball for him.

I’m not one of these people who believe we should all kowtow to children. Or even really care about their delicate psyches. Or that they are all special. Or that they should all be allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want to. The sooner they learn that life isn’t fair, the better. We don’t need to let them live in some fantasy world where they start believing that the world is a decent place and life isn’t going to be hard. That kid at the Rangers game got his first lesson in how brutal life is.

Well, he did until some pansy-ass guy came down and gave the kid a ball. I can’t stand it when people give into these entitled little brats. In fact, that’s the very reason the other couple was right not to give him the ball. If you watch the video, after the man grabs the ball, the kid reaches out like it’s his. He seems to think he deserves that ball. Talk about your sense of entitlement! Go back to all the rest of the hippies at the Occupy Dallas camp kid!

Besides, we don’t know the whole story. This happened in the 8th inning so that couple had been sitting next to the whiny spoiled brat for two plus hours already. God only knows how much crap they had already had to put up with. They probably had to pretend to be nice to the kid as he kept turning to them saying “Hi! I have a glove!” 893,519 times. The kid probably was allowed to kick the chair in front of him repeatedly with mommy doing nothing bus saying “No, no honey, we don’t do that” but not actually making him stop. I have doubt that this kid probably pees in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. 

Hell that was probably the kids fourth or fifth fit of the night. Every time the guy with the candy, hotdogs and cracker jacks came by and mommy and daddy said no, the kid probably started screaming and throwing his usual entitled fit. I’m sure mommy and daddy gave in to each of those fits and got him something. Trust me, this kid has his parents trained. Or worse, they’re New Age parents who just let the kid run free and wild so he can “experience” everything and then just hold him while he throws his fits so he can get in touch with his feelings.

Fuck those parents and fuck that whiny, bratty little shit. I say good job older childless couple who swiped that ball right in front of the little kid and then mocked him. He had it coming and he’ll be a better person in when he grows up for it.


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