Saturday, June 30, 2012

IWS Babe of the Week...Shera Bechard, Genius!!

Cheers and Happy Canada Day to all of you above the 45th Parallel dwellers, you.

It gets gets cold and boring in Canada, so it's a good thing that you have one, Shera Bechard who is a former girlfriend of one bawdy displayer of women, Hugh Hefner, with whom to keep warm...

She certainly makes wood floors look good, and I am certain that she is probably lying on Canadian Maple...

Shera has recently been awarded a "genius VISA" from the U.S. State Department , which allows her to remain in our country...I like that... because, I am certain that is she is one sexy, smart babe...

And to prove it...She asked us to crop this picture, because man, oh man...this picture shows more than we are showing you...

So there you go...Hugh Hefner's former Canadian girlfriend, Shera Bechard  doing God's work for IWS...We appreciate it.

Annnnd, in honor of Canadians and because today is Canada Day, Jayman and Matt-Man will be talking about how wonderful our Canadian breathren and sisteren are on IWS Radio today, live at Noon ET on Blog Talk Radio.

They will share interesting facts about Canada.  Talk about who they feel are the hottest Canadians, and well, just show some South of their Border Love to them.

To join them live at Noon ET, click HERE, and of course, you can always call in live at 661.244.9852.

Cheers, and Oh Canada!!


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