Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bristol Palin: America's Mommy and Babe of the Week

Bristol Palin is the obvious choice for this week’s very special Mother’s Day Edition of Babe of the Week.

America first met Bristol during the 2008 presidential elections. At the time Bristol was 16 and pregnant and the charm and dignity that she showed in the face of vicious attacks from liberals made us all fall in love with her.  

After the election, Bristol was next heard from when she went on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, the bitter, jealous liberals won out again and Bristol was denied a victory that she had very clearly earned.

Now Bristol has found her voice as an advocate for conservative causes such as abstinence, traditional family values and opposition to gay marriage. Like her mother, Bristol is strong and powerful and never backs down from her beliefs. Which makes her even more appealing to the staff here at IWS. 

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