Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brock Lee...Sexy Vegan Man

Hello friends of I’m With Stupid.

Brock Lee here for I’m With Stupid and I am the new IWS Vegan Correspondent.

Allow me to tell you…even though Jayman and Matt-Man are set in their carnivorous ways to the nth degree, they are proving their openness to all lifestyles and life choices, by hiring me.

They met me at a market in Chinatown as I was feeling up the Bok Choy, and asked me…

“Do you really like that shit, or are you trying to be trendy and ergo, pick up hippie chicks?”

I told those two beefeaters, as I chuckled in a devil-may-care way…“Hee, oh my”…I can’t believe my non-lizard-like tongue said that, but I continued…

“While I am not averse to laying artificially and superficially with hippie chicks, I eat nothing that contains animal or animal by-products.  I like my food raw and animal-free, you nutsy guys, you.”

And yes…I truly said that to Jay and Matt, and for some reason I was jubilant when I uttered that.  Hee!! Anywhey…

After a bit of small talk about legumes, they asked me to hop aboard the I’m With Stupid train because even though they may over indulge once I awhile, they want, and want you as well, to live a healthy lifestyle, because, as they say…

“Two dead radio hosts with an audience chock full of dead listeners, leads to one thing and one thing only…myocardial ratings infarction.”

And seriously, who wants that on their hands?  NOT THIS GUY!!  Hee.

So…I am going to be here every so often…or is that, ever so often, I don’t know…I know vegan, not English. Hee!!


I will be here once in awhile in order to help Jay, Matt, and you, the beloved readers and listeners of IWS, choose healthy alternatives to your meat eating, colon-disintegrating lifestyles.

Likey for instance…did you know that you can make a delicious hamburger out of black beans and mushrooms?

You can taste the magic of a Sunday morning brunch using egg beaters and popsicle sticks.

You can in fact, sample the meaty delights of a Tuscan dinner by substituting the ground beef or sausage in your spaghetti with wheat germ and asbestos.

In fact, I call my asbestos pasta dish, MesotheliomaGAWD!!  Yes, it’s that good.

Some people give asbestos a bad name, but its better for you than eating Elsie and/or Piglet.

Anywhey, I feel blessed by God All Her Mighty that I have this forum on which to speak, so that I may give you tips that will prolong your life and make you a fortress against germs and….excuse me, I am feeling faint, I don’t know what it is, but I am sure its not a lack of protein…so hush.

Okay, I just ingested a rose petal and I am fine now.  See?  The healing power of the vegan lifestyle in action.

Anywhey, I hope that I can one day convince you that we should one day live as God intended.

To live in a garden wearing nothing but our pale skin, while eating nothing but "good for you" fruit full of temptation and molted snake skin.

Until we do that, how can we ever hope to be free and find eternal peace?

Yours in a World That Eats Nothing with Eyes,


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