Monday, May 7, 2012

Dennis Miller Cowardly Asshole...Cha Cha

“The coward wretch whose hand and heart, can bear to torture aught below; is ever first to quail and flee, from the slightest pain, or equal foe.”

--Bertrand Russell

Boy I tell ya…Bert was one smart muthafu----shut your mouth!!  Yes he was.  He was a genius, and the above quote, one of the more simplistic for him, is dead on.

I have encountered many examples of this type of cowardly behavior of late, and by golly, the Twitter activity I experienced this past Sunday evening, compels me today, to write upon this very subject…


I love the phrase, “Social Media”.  It sounds so happy, so open, so inclusive, but many times, it is not.

In fact, social media venues such as blogs, Facebook, and the aforementioned Twitter, are often no more than dens for group think, group hate, and virtual sanctuaries for those who live in fear…

For those who find comfort and safety within the swaddling security of like-mindedness rather than the growth and societal awareness which comes from the back and forth of differing opinions…

For those who live with cowardice.

It’s funny, in a strange way…

There are folks in government, in entertainment, and everyday life who claim to “have all the answers” to every economic, political, and social ill that exists today, but even more cowardly than they, are those who sit behind a microphone on radio and TV, and espouse their views as pundits, strategists, and worst of all…Radio/TV Talk Show Hosts.

Talk Show hosts are the most cowardly group of individuals I have ever come across.  They are, in a word, okay three words…spineless mouth breathers.

It was about a year ago, I was Tweeting back and forth with the man who claims to never lose an argument, “talk radio King” Neal Boortz.  I responded to something he had said while he was eating dinner at a restaurant, and after a couple of tweets he said, “That’s it, you’re blocked.”

I have heard Sean Hannity say on his radio show…

“Join my, Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled Twitter Army.  It’s fun.  I get tweets from Liberals, to which I say, Thanks and bye-bye, I’m blocking you now.  It’s fun!!”

What the Hell is that?  That's informed debate?

Anyway…The exclamation point on the subject of non-discourse came this past Sunday when I made a comment about how unfunny a Dennis Miller tweet was, and the may or may have not been drunk Dennis Miller, actually replied to my tweet.

It led to a couple more tweets as demonstrated by the pictures.  It was fun.  He made fun of me, I of him, and then what happened?

That’s right, Mr. I Am Bill O’Reilly’s Bitch…Mr. I Came Out of the Conservative Closet in Order to Make a Living on FOX NEWS, and Mr. I Am So Damn Smart and Funny That I Got Booted From Monday Night Football, blocked me.

Dennis Miller realized Sunday night, that he wasn’t talking to a typical viewer of FOX NEWS, nor an idiot who enjoys others thinking on his or her behalf.

And because he failed to follow comedic rule number one of knowing your audience, he slipped up, showed himself to be far from a genius, and then cha-cha’ed into obscurity on my Twitter feed by blocking me….

Just as any good coward would.

I think many including Dennis Miller himself, think of him to be outside of “convention”, to be, “on the cutting edge.”


Dennis Miller, just like Neal Boortz, FOX NEWS, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Ed Schultz, and all of the other “big-timers” is nothing of the sort.

Miller and blowhards like him, are people who seek comfort (and ratings) in like-mindedness, and eschew informed debate which doesn’t include the facts they seek from the conclusions that they have already made.

These folks, just like the choir to whom they preach, are monolithic, un-curious, and most importantly…Cowardly.



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