Friday, May 4, 2012

Matt Said, Jay Said XXXVII

Matt sgyrsiau, Jay sgyrsiau, You gwrando.

Matt: “The Rooster is in the hen house.”
Jay: “The wet bird flies at night.”
Matt: “The hay is in the barn.”
Jay: “The dishwasher has been filled.”
Matt: “What?”
Jay: “What what?”
Matt: “The dishwasher?”
Jay: “What dishwaser?”
Matt: “The one you said is filled. I never heard that one.”
Jay: “I’m unaware of any such dishwasher, filled or otherwise.”
Matt: “
Exterminate with extreme prejudice.”
Jay: “That dude was creepy.”
Matt: “He still gives me nightmares.”

Matt: “So what was for dinner?”
Jay: “Chili dogs!”
Matt: “Nice. How were they?”
Jay: “Explosive!”
Matt: “Ha! Just as you said that Schmoop warned me that the beans are spicy tonight.”
Jay: “That’s awesome. Save some for lunch right before work tomorrow.”
Matt: “Oh I don’t need to. They linger.”
Jay: “How can I help you? ... pfffffffft” 
Matt: “Ice? .... Ppffffffffft .... Sure.”
Jay: “Here’s your change. Take this witcha pffffffft.”
Matt: “Hey kid, roll the window down. Now, pull Uncle Matty’s finger.”
Jay: "HA! And people call us immature!"
Matt: "IKR?! I just don't see it." 

Jay: “We need a show topic for Sunday.”
Matt: “I was thinking “Why Do They Hate Us.”
Jay: “Well, that’s not bad.”
Matt: “You don’t like it?”
Jay: “Well, they don’t really hate ME.”
Matt: “I’m starting to.”
Jay: “But people don’t hate us.”
Matt: “Okay, live in your fantasy world. Something else then.”
Jay: “Not sure what it should be.”

Matt: “How bout how grumpy we’re getting as we get older.”
Jay: “Oh I like that! Just rant about stuff pissing off.”
Matt: “We need a longer show.”
Jay: “Hell, we could do this every single week.”
Matt: “I wouldn’t ever run out of stuff.”
Jay: “We can call it “Grumpy Old Men.”
Matt: “Middle Aged Men”
Jay: “Yeah, that’s more accurate.”
Matt: “Right, because I’m thinking of getting some gold chains.”
Jay: “And a Corvette.”
Matt: “There’s goes a motorcycle. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”
Jay: “Ha! Get off my lawn!”
Matt: “Oh that should be the name of the show!”
Jay: “Perfect!”

So there you go kids. Another peek behind the crazy curtain. And, be sure to join us Sunday at Noon ET for our “Get Off My Lawn” show! We’ll rant about the things that are pissing us off and getting on our nerves. And, you can call in with your own rants too! Do iiiiiiiiiit!! 

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