Friday, May 11, 2012

Matt Said, Jay Said XXXVIII

Matt talar. Jay talar. Þú hlusta.

Matt:  Who is this?  How’d you get this number?  Are you looking for Schmoop?  Well, she isn--

Jay:  Dumb fuck.

Matt:  How the hell are ya?

Jay:  I feel exceedingly average this evening, which for me, is top notch.

Matt:  That’s good.  I’m feeling to be about a C+ myself.

Jay:  So I guess our show topic for Sunday is already de factorally set for us.

Matt:  Yeah, and by the way, I love it when you speak, Latin-torally.

Jay:  Well you did refer to me as, better than Cicero the other day.

Matt:  Yeah, but I was kidd---

Jay:  No. No.  I have you saying that live on air and your statement is now and forever laid upon, and contained within, the audio of the IWS radio archives.

Matt:  Okay very good.  You cogito; ergo you sum.

Jay:  Damn right and a guten tag to you too, Mister.  Now, on this Sunday’s Mothers’ Day Show, I think…

(type, type, type)

Jay:  Are you typing while we are prepinating?  That’s kinda rude dude, but I’m sure in your world it is of the “utmost importance.”  Dear God.

Matt:  I was responding to a message from Tamra.

Jay:  Our Tamra?

Matt:  Yes.  THE Tamra.

Jay:  Oh.  Well then…that is perfectly acceptable.  What is she saying?

Matt:  She says that she has new pictures up.

Jay:  Quick!!

Jay and Matt:  To the Facebook Machine!!

Matt and Jay:  We’ve seen those already.  Rats!!

Jay:  Oh well her pics are always worth a second look…and a third…and a fourth…

Matt:  Mmmmmmmm.  Are we going to be talking about hot mothers on our Mother’s Day Show this Sunday?

Jay:  Dude…Do you really need to ask that question?

Matt:  What was I thinking, of course we are.

Jay:  Annnnnd…We can talk about the best moms.

Matt:  The worst moms.

Jay:  Step-Moms.

Matt:  And of course, our moms.

Jay:  True Dat.

Matt:  I tell ya Jayman…If folks don’t listen to our Mother’s Day Show on Blog Talk Radio at Noon ET, it’s as if they are virtually bitch slapping their own mamas.

Jay:  And if they do that, that makes them, personas non gravitas.

Matt:  Uh-huh…exactly.  Talk to you Sunday at Noon.  Later, Cicero.

Jay:  Danke, and Bon Voyage!!

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